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Please click the download button below for our complimentary Equity Monitor EA (it is a zip file that you may need to rename to .zip once downloaded).

You can use this EA to monitor and keep an eye on all of your trading accounts, both on-screen and via email.  Please refer to the sample screenshot and email below :-

Here are the EA parameters and their meaning :-

enableEmail: ‘true’ enables all emails, ‘false’ disables all emails
equityTriggerLevel: percentage equity level to trigger an email (e.g. 50 will trigger an email if equity drops to 50%)
enableEmailDailySummary: ‘true’ enables daily summary email, ‘false’ disables daily summary email but if enableEmail above is ‘true’, then an equity warning email will still be sent if equity drops to the value of equityTriggerLevel
emailSummaryHour: the hour at which you would like the daily summary email to be sent each day based on your terminal’s Market Watch hour (e.g. ‘17’ for 5pm)

If you wish to use the email facility and need to setup your MT4 terminal for email, then please refer back to your FourLeafClover FX installation guide.

Please feel free to distribute the EA to your friends and fellow traders, share your FourLeafClover FX trading results, and encourage them to visit our website:

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