Total Trades: 5,350

Net Profit: $9,110.13


Total Trades: 1,510

Net Profit: $5,356.57


Total Trades: 3,998

Net Profit: $6,412.76


Total Trades: 1,718

Net Profit: $6,092.13


Total Trades: 2,422

Net Profit: $6,421.27


Total Trades: 7,620

Net Profit: $20,355.63


Total Trades: 5,441

Net Profit: $23,216.36


Total Trades: 4,722

Net Profit: $16,410.28

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The backtests below are all based on Mode 1 (lowest risk setting) and are 'flat' in that no compounding is used.  This gives a more accurate reflection of real profitability - as if you were withdrawing all profits rather than reinvesting them in order to make even more profit through compounding.

One thing to be wary of with backtests is that some EAs are specifically 'curve-fitted' to make them look good on backtest over a specific timeframe.  FourLeafClover is not curve-fitted.  Nor are the backtests run without stop losses or artificially high starting balances, which other EAs may do to give the impression of 'perfect' performance, but which hides the fact that floating drawdown can reach extreme levels - levels that you would never seriously accept when trading live. 

Some of the charts below look a little 'jagged', but they are honest, and importantly - profitable.  Also, the green line representing equity does not plummet to alarming levels.  Remember, you have the option not to run all pairs and can pick and choose based on back / forward tests.  The starting balance for all tests is $8,000.

At the bottom of the page you will find MyFxBook links to the latest 99.9% quality tick data based backtests (i.e. using the best data available from Dukascopy).

Please also refer to the live Forward Tests of FourLeafClover which will provide you with a clear view of how it is currently trading in the live environment.

Latest MyFxBook Tick Data Backtests


Total Net Profit (with no compounding):


Please note that the above profit is based on an account running risk Mode 1 (lowest risk).

Some further examples (again these are 'flat' profits without the additional benefits of compounding) :

An account running risk Mode 2 would have generated a profit of $186,750.26

An account running risk Mode 5 would have generated a profit of $466,875.65

An account running risk Mode 10 would have generated a profit of $933,751.30

An account running risk Mode 22 would have generated a profit of $2,054,252.86

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