Other Key Attributes:

  • Trades Standard and Cent, ECN and non-ECN and Spreadbetting Account Types
  • Trade Settings to Suit all Account Balances / Risk Profiles (minimum recommended balance requirement of 30 USD (or equivalent) for cent Account, 3,000 USD for standard account) .
  • Lower Balance Startup Option with Funds Top-up if Required
  • Custom Trade Entry Logic
  • Hedging (i.e. trading the same pair in both directions at the same time so your broker must support it)
  • Max Spread Filter for New Trades
  • Configurable Trade Lotsizes
  • Configurable Minimum Profit Target (monetary rather than pips)
  • Configurable Stop Loss to Protect Capital
  • Stealth Stop Loss Levels (to keep them hidden from your broker)
  • Stop Losses Specified in Pips
  • Breakeven trade Exit Feature and Associated Lotsize Config
  • On-screen Trade Status Panel (shows synopsis of open trades, profit target v current profit, worst open trade detail, current spread etc.)

Active Drawdown Reducion:

  • The system will take ‘full’ profit targets when it can, or, if there is a trade in DD then it will focus on killing it off by closing it partially but for overall profit.  This allows losing trades to be eradicated before they reach stop loss.  If they do reach stop loss then they are likely to have been reduced to a much smaller lot size so you do not take the hit of a full stop out.

Money Back Guarantee:

  • Full Refund Policy (please refer to the  FAQs  page)

Recent customer feedback (Aug 2021):

"I bought two more copies of Eurohammer today for my company accounts. I have been really impressed with the strategy, and happy so far. I had another EA trading on my company accounts, and I am officially replacing it today with the Hammer! As I feel much more comfortable with it. I am getting to the point where I may just stop manually trading soon as well (as I seem to only worsen things lol). I really appreciate the way Eurohammer handles drawdowns with the partial closes like that. Thanks again for making such a great product. - Jake, Canada"

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Comprehensive Step by Step Guiide Covering:

  • Installation and Setup
  • Money Management
  • Broker Selection
  • VPS Use
  • Errors / Help / Support

EuroHammer Key Features

Trades the Following Currency Pairs:

  • EURAUD (Euro v Austrailian Dollar)
  • EURCAD (Euro v Canadian Dollar)
  • EURNZD (Euro v New Zealand Dollar)

Fully Automated:

  • Operates Autonomously with no Human Intervention or Supervision
  • Continuously Monitors the Market for Valid Trade Signals
  • Opens, Manages and Closes Trades Automatically
  • Requires No Manual Trading Experience

FourLeafClover and EuroHammer Forex Trading Robots (Expert Advisors). Automated Profitable FX Trading Solution for MetaTrader