FourLeafClover EA + EuroHammer EA

Welcome to FourLeafClover FX, the home of the original FourLeafClover EA (Expert Advisor) that has been trading profitably since 2015 and now, excitingly, the new EuroHammer EA!

Both are fully automated forex trading robots designed to run on the MetaTrader 4 platform, trading the forex market for you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week without manual intervention or supervision.  This leaves you free to do other things such as your day job, or relaxing with family and friends.  Simply install on your broker's MetaTrader 4 terminal, perform some straightforward configuration to suit your account / level of risk and you are ready to start making profits.

The EAs have been thoroughly developed by a professional software engineer turned forex trader, who, having experienced bitter disappointment with many commercial EAs, began a personal quest to create something better.  They are not mass-marketed / run-of-the-mill / super-hyped EAs.  Nor have they been curve fitted to current market conditions.  Neither are scalpers, or limited to Asian session trades when spreads are typically high - they trade when everyone else is trading, when the market is moving and when good trading opportunities are to be found.  They are constantly analysing the forex market with every single 'tick' of the chart looking for valid trade entries and performing this activity in parallel across all of the traded currency pairs, every tick, every second of the day whilst at the same time monitoring and managing all open trades - something a human simply could not do effectively.  Both EAs can deal with fluctuating / volatile markets, targeting profitable trades. 

FourLeafClover EA

Designed to trade the AUDCAD pair, FurLeafClover seeks to identify trade entries based on several indicators plus a custom developed indicator and utilises the concept of 'baskets' to form winning trades.

A lot of effort has been expended in FourLeafClover's development and testing.  It has over 7,000 lines of MQL4 / C code behind it and some very comprehensive trade entry criteria and trade management logic.  The trade logic uses a basket strategy designed to be robust and unsusceptible to varying market conditions.  

FourLeafClover is an active trader and you will most likely have trades closing in profit every day.  Please check out the Performance page and see here for detailed features.

EuroHammer EA

Launched in 2021, this new EA is proving itself as a very profitable robot.  It is actually a suite of EAs that run across four different charts / pairs and operate in unison performing slave and master roles.

The strategy itself involves trading three pairs, looking across these for overbought / oversold trade triggers, but also using a fourth pair for reference.  It sounds complex, and the underlying logic is, but setup is simple. 

EuroHammer is also an active trader and you will most likely have trades closing in profit every day.  Please check out the Performance page and see here for detailed features.

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